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After hours dentist in Mount Druitt

After Hours Dentist

While the typical dentist wants to see you on their schedule, we want to see you on your schedule.

In our opinion, the days of a dentist only being open from 9am to 5pm are gone. A reliable and accessible community dental practice should be open after hours and on weekends so that residents of the community can fit in their dental appointments around their busy schedules.

After Hours Dentist Mount Druitt

In order to cater for the busy residents of our local community, we offer after hours and weekend appointments so you can see us before, during or after work. We are open late, often until 10pm or 11pm, particularly for emergency dental appointments.

We hope to provide a service which is as close to a 24-hour dentist as possible so we can help improve the general oral health of the community.

After Hours Dental Services

While all our general and cosmetic dental services are available after hours, we generally prioritise emergency dental appointments, such as relieving pain, saving broken teeth and providing affordable root canal treatment.

After Hours Emergency Dentist

If you are in pain, call us now on (02) 9055 1735 and provide us with the following details:

  • Area of pain? (top/bottom, left/right, back/front)
  • Is it keeping you up at night?
  • What causes the pain? (hot, cold, biting, random pain)
  • Are you taking any pain medications?

We reserve spots every day for emergency patients.        

[Read More: How To Manage Common Dental Emergencies]      

Saturday and Sunday Dentist

Many people look for a dentist that is open on Saturdays, and sometimes also Sundays.

Mount Druitt Dental Care is currently open between 9am-4pm on Saturdays, but we often stay open later for emergency dental appointments.



After Hours Dentist in Mount Druitt

Mount Druitt Dental Care is an after-hours and weekend dentist in Mount Druitt. We are a modern and affordable dental practice, with a passion for serving the community with the highest level of patient care and a 100% focus on excellence and honesty.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an After-hours Dentist?

An after-hours dentist is a dental professional who offers dental services outside of regular business hours. These services are typically available after regular office hours, on weekends, and on holidays.

2. What Services Do After-hours Dentists Offer?

After-hours dentists offer dental services, including emergency dental care, toothache relief, broken tooth repair, root canal treatment, and other dental procedures requiring urgent attention. These services are essential for patients who experience severe pain or discomfort in their teeth or gums and require immediate attention.

3. Is There an After Hours Dentist Available in Mount Druitt?

Yes, Mount Druitt Dental Care offers after-hours dental services in Mount Druitt. Our after-hours dental services are available for patients needing urgent dental care after regular business hours, on weekends, and on holidays.

4. How Can I Book an Appointment With an After Hours Dentist in Mount Druitt?

If you are in pain, call (02) 9055 1735. Mount Druitt Dental Care is a dental clinic that offers after-hours and weekend services in Mount Druitt. Our clinic is modern and reasonably priced, and we are strongly committed to providing the community with exceptional patient care. Our primary focus is on providing excellent and honest dental services.

5. Are After-Hours Dental Services More Expensive Than Regular Dental Services?

After-hours dental services may be more expensive than regular dental services due to the increased staffing and overhead costs associated with providing care outside regular business hours. However, at Mount Druitt Dental Care, we strive to keep our after-hours dental services affordable for our patients. We understand that dental emergencies can happen anytime, and we don’t want financial concerns to prevent our patients from receiving the care they need.

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